“…[A] s a non-professional in osteopathy, I found the accounts of patients’ experiences to be somewhat interesting from a patient’s perspective. Had I been an osteopathy student, I would probably find it more captivating. They shine enough light on the practice without getting into the techniques [or] therapy details. Enough to whet the appetite to want to learn more and be intrigued to be a better practitioner in the field.”
 BOB FANOUS, learning and development consultant, Mississauga, Ont.

Atily Gunaratne’s book is a review of his vast experience in a complementary and alternative approach to treating the whole being. A great review of the history of Osteopathy in Canada!
 GILLIE ANGOLUAN, physiotherapist/osteopathic manual practitioner, Toronto.

Osteopathy comes across as a great alternative for people with severe pain or unusual conditions
 JOHN STEFANIAK, former provincial government forensic analyst, Halifax, N.S.

The book utilizes case studies very effectively to illustrate to the uninitiated what osteopathy does. It also provides an excellent insight into osteopathy as an occupation, such as the two main types of practitioners, the various means of qualifying as an osteopathic manual practitioner and the struggle of these practitioners for government-recognized status as a health profession
 PAUL BRAITHWAITE, member of the Ontario Bar and co-author of Guide to Effective Insurance, Toronto.

In the first part of the book, the author discusses 14 patients who have received osteopathic treatments and their reactions. The second part presents the historical facts of osteopathy in Canada. This book is an interesting read and good value for the general public wishing to understand the mysteries of osteopathy

 ROBERT TAYLOR, osteopathic manual practitioner, London, Ont.

I come from a background of traditional medicine, so I have a built-in bias against the ”natural practitioners,” though I have made a conscious effort to rein it in. Nevertheless I am intrigued, as there must be room for treatments not completely conventional. The chapters on individual patients appear to point to this. The history of the treatment is quite fascinating
 MICHAEL TWEEDLE, retired pharmaceutical sales manager, Barrie, Ont.

This rich resource is the perfect introduction to osteopathy, its history, and current practice for those who wonder if this approach to wellness is right for them.
 THE REV. DANIEL F. GRAVES, Rector, Trinity Anglican Church, Bradford, Ont.

I found Thinking Hands to be an easy-to-read, comprehensive overview and history about Osteopathy, a natural medical therapy that has helped many deal with chronic pain.
 WENDY TERRY, M.Ed. (Harvard), Toronto.